A Knave

STR: 1 : 11
DEX: 1 : 11
CON: 1 : 11
INT: 4 : 14
WIS: 1 : 11
CHA: 1 : 11

Getting Hurt

You have 6 hit points. When unarmored, your Armor is 1:11.


You have 11 inventory slots. You can choose from the following items to fill them. Unless otherwise noted, each item takes up one slot.

1 Day's Rations
1 Day's Rations
Gambeson: A12 Q3
Helmet: Armor+1 Q1
Sling: 1d4, Q3
Grappling Hook
Small Bell


Physique: Towering
Face: Blunt
Skin: Whip Scar
Hair: Cropped
Clothing: Foreign
Virtue: Tolerant
Vice: Reckless
Alignment: Chaos


You used to be a mercenary but then you became addicted to something.

Now you're a deplorable ruffian.